Moccasins: Women's High-Cuffed Scroll Moccasins

Women’s High-Cuffed Scroll Moccasins by Martha Berry

Materials: Glass, leather, wool

Size: Approx. Women’s size 7 Narrow

These high-cuffed moccasins, with their saw-tooth edges, are classic Southeastern Woodlands style. Made from one piece of leather, with a center seam gathered over the toe, they are wrapped around the ankles and tied with long leather thongs.

The beadwork was done on separate pieces of wool, called saddles. These saddles were then sewn onto the moccasins.

This is a tradition for Southeastern beaded moccasins, allowing the owner to remove the beadwork when the moccasins wear out, then sew the beadwork back onto a new pair of moccasins.

The scroll beadwork motifs used, along with the sun circles on the toes, are pre-Columbian Southeastern pottery motifs.